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I grew up in a town with hippies, rednecks, and a reservation. My daddy was a cowboy and my mother was a Baptist. Thus, my life experiences molded me to be slightly off center at all times...sometimes right, sometimes left.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Coconut Telegraph

It's humpday on the island
And the lines have all gone dead

Not really my favorite quote, and it is not even Wednesday, but my telephone line did go dead today, so I thought it was appropriate.

I spent all day in a 12-Lead EKG class. I needed the CEU's. The speaker was really good and easy to understand, but it was probably the material that I know the best. Working in EP for five years ensured that I am good at 12 Lead EKG.

Unfortunately, sitting in class all day precluded learning any new gossip, and getting any work done. Tomorrow is Friday, and I have to do three days work--Friday's, today's, and yesterdays. I didn't get anything done yesterday because too many people kept coming to my office to gossip. Yesterday was a good day--I love gossip.

So, I am going to bed early. I had to be at the class at 8:00--which is incredibly early for me. I hope I never have to get a real job--I'll have to go back to night shift.

All the juicy news is history
I guess everything's been said

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Fruitcakes in the kitchen
Fruitcakes on the street
Struttin' naked through the cross walk
In the middle of the week

I spoke too soon...Tom Cruise did do something nutty today. He expressed the opinion that "we are not alone in the universe." This was listed on every news media--near the top of the headlines. Right up there with the Presidents speech.

I guess the sharks didn't come through for the media today. So, they make Tom Cruise out to be some kind of a fruitcake because he entertains the concept that with the size of the universe we might not be the only life out there.

Then they list that he likes to talk about Scientology, criticized Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants for post partum depression, and called psychiatry "pseduo-science."

I'm no fan of Tom Cruise. In fact, I think he is pretty much a fruitcake. However, think about it for a moment. All religious people like to talk about their religion. They wouldn't bother with it if they didn't feel passionate about it. That he would comment on taking anti-depressants for post-partum depression is pretty stupid (does anybody out there remember Andrea Yates?) and psychiatry is a pretty tricky science.

But there just might be life out there...just because Tom Cruise is mostly a nut doesn't mean everything that comes out of his mouth is insane. I just thing right now, the media is circling him like sharks, and he would be better off if he kept his mouth shut.

Welder Girl makes some pretty good points in her comments--"People must only want to hear about the gruesome gory things. Even though I feel the president's message would have been just as painful."

I have to confess--I didn't listen to the presidents message. I KNEW it would be painful.

Half baked cookies in the oven
Half baked people on the bus
There's a little bit of fruitcake left in everyone of us

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Can't you feel 'em circlin' (closin'in) honey?
Can't you feel 'em swimmin' around?
You got fins to the left, fins to the right,
and your the only bait in town.

I read all the shark attack stories this morning. I read somewhere that there are an average of 48 shark attacks in Florida every year. Last year there were only 30, probably because of the hurricanes.

It must be a slow news week, because the shark attacks are getting pretty big coverage. I don't remember hearing about 30 shark attacks last year. I suspect that the media only feeds us the more sensational stories. Tornado's are graded from level 1 to level 5, with a 5 being the worst. If they graded shark attacks like that, then they could cover only the level 5 shark attacks...but no, they cover them based on how much or little other news there is on an given day.

I guess Tom Cruise didn't do anything silly today. Or maybe they just decided to give him a break. One thing about it, putting the President's message up against shark attacks in our present society...which one do you think most people paid attention to?

One of my good friend's husband is currently deployed in Iraq. He is in one of the outlying areas (I can't remember where, and couldn't spell it if I did). He is building schools. Real schools, with different classrooms for different ages, a principals office and a teachers lounge. I know that most soldiers in Iraq aren't building schools, but when you hear this man's story it makes you feel pretty good about what he is doing. The people are very grateful, and think it will make a difference for their country.

They don't cover that in the media. After all, in our country, what we have to worry about is suicide bombers and shark attacks. I'm not minimalizing shark attacks...I just think the media is covering the bloodiest, most sensational stories, whatever they are.

Better watch out for those sharks.

You got fins to the left, fins to the right,
and your the only girl in town.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Hokey Pokey

Maybe it's all too simple
For our brains to figure it out

I installed the new motherboard. I instructed it to contact the mother ship. It did not. I took it into a spaceport to be checked out by a mechanic. He said that it must be a faulty motherboard.

I installed the old motherboard. Told it to contact the mother ship. It did. I then tried extensively to crash the whole thing, but cannot make it crash. Maybe the Hokey Pokey is what it is all about, because I sure don't understand why the old one works and the new one doesn't. In the meanwhile, I'm back to computing.

Remember, I started this blog because I told my friend that IF I had a blog, it would be a secret blog--I wouldn't want people I know reading it. I dreamed last night that my friend found my blog. It upset me so much that I woke up. I don't know why it would upset me, because I have written nothing here that she would find upsetting. It is just more fun to do it on the sly.

I have however decided that the girl who described me as a "Gypsy Cowgirl" should get to read this blog. Really, I haven't decided, but I am seriously thinking about letting her read it.

The supreme court rulings today almost made me pull out the lyrics to "Fruitcakes," but I am still saving it for something that really makes me want to rant.

I read today that a couple was killed by a bear in their campground in Alaska. They had a weapon that was unfired. I can't imagine that one of them didn't think to fire the weapon in that circumstance.

Now I will continue to try to crash my computer. It should be fun.

What if the hokey pokey
Is all it really is about?

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Calypso Poet Shortage

We had plenty of doctors
We had plenty of lawyers
We had people to make us things
We had people to sell us those things
We didn't have enough room for those things
We build lots of self storage
Calypso poet shortage

I'm not a poet, never have been. I wrote a limerick once--it was hilarious...all about nursing school. It made reference to the professor who got her nose pierced while I was in school. Every one laughed as they read it--and she went and grabbed it out of a student's hand. Then read it aloud, laughing hardest at the reference to her.

I would however, like to be a calypso poet. I don't know what a calypso poet is, but I want to be one. If you study the quote, it is easy to imagine boring stuffy lawyers and doctors in their tastefully neutral suits. It is easy to imagine the day to day grind that we all go through, accumulating things that we don't need.

Then boom...calyspo poet! It brings up all kinds of images--the islands, the sun, the water, bright colors, music. I want to be a calypso poet.

Dateline is about the "DaVinci Code." I stayed up all night reading the book the other day. It was good, but I don't think I've lost my mind over it--but I read it in one sitting.

My significant other came through on his way back from looking at ranches last night...I took him home (70 miles) today. His realtor had an earache, so I suggested candeling his ear. We did it this afternoon. It was great fun. But still not the same as being a calypso poet.

Calypso poet shortage

Thursday, June 23, 2005

You got to bend...

You got to bend a little one way or the other
You got to leave your mind open to discover

I'm a little stirred up about the whole land grab thing and the Supreme Court. The whole idea seems fundamentally un-American. Now add to this equation that I just had a less than cordial exchange of words with the lady down the street--someone I know from life, not just the neighborhood--and it is almost enough to really put me on a roll.

I have to admit, the lady down the street I've never liked. She is basically a nasty person, and I've always known that, but I tried to be nice. I guess that I don't have to make any particular pretense of being nice anymore, and really, that is okay with me. She has to live with herself (and she is chronically unhappy about something), and I don't have to have anything to do with her. So enough with her.

On to the land grab. My first instinct is to have all kinds of fits--protest, have a sit in at the Supreme Court, file some kind of paperwork to take the land under the Supreme Court in some kind of emminent domain scheme, you know, generally raise hell.

However, what will be more effective, is just not to ever spend a dime in that shopping mall or with those companies that locate on that land. It is somewhere back east, so I guess I wasn't going to spend any money there anyway. I still want to know what companies go in there, so I can make sure I don't spend any money on them here in Texas.

I want to fight with Rick Perry funding for the schools this year (but my school taxes are higher than ever)--what an idiot. I'll definately spend a little energey making sure that he doesn't get re-elected.

I got my new motherboard today. I am going to insist on being first assistant in the installation. I love doing that stuff. I might just read the directions and do it myself. Should I read the directions before I do it, or after? My daddy taught me, "when all else fails, read the directions."

Seems I've been fightin' it all along
You got to bend a little no matter which side you're on
Or soon you'll be gone

Monday, June 20, 2005

She Went to Texas

But the warm Summer breezes
The French wines and cheeses
Put his ambition at bay

I love the summertime. It seems like I struggle through every winter, just hoping to survive...and I always do. About February, I start to have hope.

I plant something. Usually it is way too early, but I plant it anyway...I have hope. Now it is full fledged summertime, and I am busy every night chasing endless weeds that invade my flowerbeds. Any day now I will get sick of weeding and start a project, which will last the rest of the summer.

I know exactly when and why I moved to Texas. I got a letter from the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles--here in Texas it is the DPS--Department of Public Safety) that informed me that my next certificate for driving in excess of the speed limit would be my last. Up until that time I had considered those certificates some kind of a prize, but that day I realized that they were tickets and the State of California meant business.

I was working a gig in Texas when I got the letter. So, I looked for the DMV. They didn't have one, and I learned about the DPS. I went down, walked in, gave them my California drivers license, took a test, took a picture, and came out a Texan. The really great part was that Texas didn't share information about driving awards with California, so my record was wiped clean. And it took about twenty minutes. In California it took twenty minutes to find a parking space, a few hours to get the whole thing done.

Obviously, I wasn't really ambitious in the traditional sense, or the basis of my decision to become a Texan wouldn't have been my long history of driving awards. But I was ambitious in my own way. I wanted to wander around endlessly seeing things and taking pictures.

Texas agreed with me in some fundamental way. It wasn't the water that is for sure--crappiest water in the States as near as I can tell. Not even the food--I still think barbeque should be tri-tip, and enchiladas should have olives on them. But something about the spirit of the place, the wide open sky agreed with me.

I started spending more time in Texas than California. It was subtle at first--I wouldn't return to California until it got to be more than a hundred degrees in Texas. Then I would only return to California between gigs. I still went to other states, but I was spending more and more time in Texas.

One day, I decided to get a real job, so I did. I quit my job and followed a Jimmy tour across the Southwest, and then I got a real job. That real job led to another real job, that job led to a bunch of other jobs (they called them promotions) and ten years later here I am.

And, amazingly, I like it! All my belongings fit in the back of a Jeep when I came to west Texas. The first advancement required a trailer. The second took two trips with the trailer. The last move took too many trips to count. I've had the same Mennonite family moving me every time, and they have definately noticed the difference. It is a good thing their kids have grown from toddlers to teenagers, or they might not be able to get the job done.

The only thing I miss is taking a month off in the summertime to wander around with my camera. Being a "real" person, not a gypsy anymore, I can't just arrange my life around social occasions. So, all too often my time off is spent with family and friend obligations. I used to do all those things, but then I took my time to wander around all by myself.

So, this summer my resolution is to take a vacation and do what I want. I don't know exactly what that is yet, I'm thinking on it. I may drop by to visit my grandmother who is old and won't live much longer, but basically I am going wandering.

I just have to pick the dates....

And Summers and Winters
Scattered like splinters
And four or five years slipped away.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Last Mango in Paris

I ate the last mango in Paris
Took the last plane out of Saigon

The mangos were gorgeous in the grocery store yesterday, so I bought some. I ate some of them, and today I made a mango pie. It is okay...I think that I like the plain mango's better. Maybe I should have been eating them in Paris.

I did chores today--it really wasn't very exciting. Some friends came over this afternoon and went swimming. Jake and I threw the football back and forth in the water. It was good exercise anyway.

I went over to a friends house and got a new plant that I planted in the back yard. Hopefully it will live.

I have no deep thoughts tonight...

Took the first fast boat to China
And Jimmy there's still so much to be done

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Brahma Fear

I'd like to ride the rodeo
But I've got Brahma fear

I have to concur with Jimmy on this one...I have always loved cows, but I've got a Brahma fear. Not too many other things that I'm scared of. (Heights, maybe). We used to try to ride anything we could catch, but we left the Brahma/Brahma looking cattle alone. We were hell on wheels with the milk cow and the milk cow's calves.

So, considering my total lack of fear, I continue to work on my computer like I am a Grade A computer technician. I added more memory (better than my motherboard can handle), and it works. Now I don't know if I should take it back or not. I'm verifying that with my computer expert before I proceed with the scrub of the hard drive.

I had to get up at six am on a Saturday to go to Juneteenth to do a health fair. I always dread going to those things, but they are always fun. I had one old lady with hypertension, and asked her if she had a doctor she could talk to about her blood pressure. She said, well, she only had a gynecologist. I asked her how old she was...fifty. I asked her if she was planning on having a lot more babies. She laughed really hard, and asked if I thought she should get a real doctor. I told her yes.

I'm looking forward to scrubbing the hard drive tomorrow. If I disappear from the blogging world, it will be apparent that I blew things up.

So I'll just stick to airplanes
Gently pop my ears

Friday, June 17, 2005

Souvenirs of my trip around the sun

No you never see it comin’
Always wind up wonderin’ where it went
Only time will tell if it was time well spent

My computer is working again...not quite right, but a vast improvement. I'm burning backup CD's of all the important stuff while I write this post. I may scrub the hard drive yet!

Actually, what I'm burning is DVD's. I have a lot of souveniers from my trips around the sun---I have a lot of pictures of places I've been, things I've done.

I got to see Jimmy at the Bowl in Santa Barbara a couple of times--I wanted to go this year but decided to be responsible. One time my friend Carol and I made it from San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara for a concert in 71 minutes. I think it is a ninety-mile trip, with multiple curves and towns to get through. It was a fabulous time and we were fortunate not to be jailed for excess speed and reckless driving. I was driving because Carol had already gotten one ticket that day while driving from Modesto to San Luis Obispo for the concert. It speaks to how well I liked Carol that I didn't just leave for the concert without her.

I got on Soutwest from West Texas one Friday afternoon to go to Vegas for a show. Every person getting on the flight was wearing their "flowerdy" shirt in anticipation of the show. When the plane boarded, the pilot welcomed all the Parrotheads--I guess that much was obvious. I went to the concet by myself, but by the time I arrived in Vegas I had plenty of local Parrothead friends.

I have a jar of seashells that I picked up when I went to West Palm Beach. My godsons take them out and look at them sometimes.

My bedroom is decorated with colorful masks that I have acquired on trips to Old Mexico. (Out here in west Texas we feel the need to clarify between old Mexico, and New Mexico, a state that Texans feel they own--"if God hadn't wanted us to ski, he wouldn't have given us New Mexico").

I have a lot of rocks and old rusty things that I have picked up here and there. I have plants that I've harvested off of old homesteads and my old house. Most of my furniture is rescued from somewhere. I have some T-shirts from various trips.

My new commercial hanging pot rack was replaced with a meat freezer tray that I rescued from the Old Redwood Bar in Laytonville, California when they tore it down.

My attitude toward souveniers is pretty unique. Most of the articles that I have were in some way rescued and re-used. The rest of my souveniers are the photos that hang on my walls that document my trip around the sun.

It’s another revelation
Celebrating what I should have done
With these souvenirs of my trip around the sun

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I have found me a home

My old red bike Gets me around
To the bars and the beaches of my town
And there aren't many reasons I would leave.

My bike is green...but it is definately old. I got it from a seventy-five year old lady. I live a little far from town for it to really get me around town, but it does get me around my neighborhood. I like to ride down to the cemetary and see what is going on. You wouldn't think that there is much going on in a cemetary, but if you observe carefully there is a lot that goes on in the cemetary. There are plenty of bars in my town, but no beaches. If you feel the urge to ride your bike to the bar, let me advise you that riding your bike to the bar is an extremely bad idea. I've taken care of a lot of people who got hit on their way home from the bar. It is never good.

Good news on the computer front...the CPU is fine, the motherboard is fine. Air is not circulating through the I'm getting a new case. The technician that I talked to today was utterly charming. He told me immediately that my new power supply was "cute" and that he had already been online to find one like it for his computer (I knew right away that he was a genius--it is an awesome power supply--chrome and modular). Then he told me what computer games to play online. I told him to throw in a few extra fans if the computer needed it. So, my home computer is getting a body transplant. My work computer survived the brain transplant (their was some doubt for awhile), and is working good, except for a few bugs (probably nosicomial infection).

I had to go to work at seven...yuck. I did get to come home for awhile and take a nap in the pool. Then I had to go back for another meeting at seven in the evening. It was a real humdinger. Some fiesty people in that meeting. Then I went with the other managers and ate dinner--a little decompression.

I love the town that I live in...especially in the summertime. The people are great, there is no traffic, and the weather is wonderful. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 104--should be a great day for swimming! I've lived a lot of places, but this is truly home.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Grapefruit, Juicy Fruit...

Chew a little Juicy Fruit, it's good for your soul.

That's the theme song for today, because I'm low on Juicy Fruit in my car. I have a new pack in the house, I just have to remember to get it to my car. I haven't been to the grocery store to buy groceries in about two weeks. It is great for the budget, but dinner tonight lacked meat of any kind. I hate a dinner that doesn't include meat!

Maybe this blog is about my slow sink into Alzheimers. I freak out about that all the time. I am always worrying about things I might forget--and I have a good memory most of the time. I just get extremely annoyed everytime I forget anything.

I have even more flowers blooming. I still wonder what they are. I planted more flowers tonight--cosmos, zinna's and sweet alyssm. It is late to be planting, but they should do okay if I keep enough water on them.

Wednsday night is pool night--I have to backwash and rinse. The chlorine gas guys come on Thursday, and I can't backwash for 48 hous after it gets gassed. The gas guy's work for a company called Motley's Bail Bonding. Go figure that out.

The maid came today. I love coming home after she's been here. My house always smells so good--and I don't get an allergic reaction since she switched to simple green. I think she thinks that I am easy to clean up after. I always have to pick up before she comes.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost

Looked in my laptop what did I see
A flashing message said today therapy...
Vampires, mummies and the holy ghost
These are the things that terrify me the most.

Back at the laptop again. My home computer is now in the hospital. I think it took some ecstasy--it is overheating like crazy. It has to be the motherboard, the CPU or poor case design. The technician that signed it in didn't really look smart enough to fix it, but I have high hopes. My computer at work is still undergoing a brain transplant. It has been in surgery now for over five days, so I'm not looking for a very good outcome.

Micheal Jackson is a child molestor. It is eating away at him from the inside. However, to successfully try him, they will have to try the stupid adults that leave their children alone with him. I think he and the mother deserve to go to jail. Who in their right mind would leave a child alone with him? Why didn't they get him on the alcohol charges? I had faith in the people of Santa Maria, and I am very disappointed that the California virus has gotten as far as Santa Maria.

I got a questionaire for federal district court jury duty. I'm sure if I ever manage to get picked for a jury, it will be something boring. I keep trying.

I worked today, and it was a blur of charts. I was reading at lightening speed. Overall, very boring--but I get paid well to be there.

I just want my computer fixed so that I can look at my pictures from the weekend. I work to support my camera habit.

Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm turning off the waterfall, the tourists can go home

Feel its time to travel, time to write a poem...
Answers are the easy part, questions raise the doubt.

Spent the weekend in tourist mode... rode down at least one new road. We went to Ruidoso, and the weather was hot during the day and cool at night, which was just lovely.

I have a Ruidoso routine. I sleep late, then I get up and drink coffee with Bailey's on the patio and read whatever I can get my hands on. This weekend, it was magazines. After a late lunch at the Bistro, we headed out to go over the back road to Lincoln. The desert was in bloom, and I got several pictures of the cholla blooming. I also got some pictures in Lincoln--not a whole photo essay, but the Torreon and the Doctors house.
The next morning I had my coffee early so that we could make the Sunday Brunch at the Inn of the Mountain Gods. It was a champagne brunch, so the day was off to a nice start. The we traveled back roads from Tularosa through LaLuz canyon and the national forest, coming out just below Cloudcroft. We made our way five thousand feet down to the basin and went to White Sands National Monument. It was hot, but impressive...I wish I would have taken my tripod, but managed to take a lot of pictures anyway.

Then we backtracked to Tularosa and picked up cold beer and made our way to Three Rivers Petroglyphs. As always, it was hot, dry, and impressive. I managed to fill up a 1GB compact flash card and two 256MB cards with pictures. Actually, La Luz canyon was the only place I hadn't been before, and I didn't take any pictures there. The other places I have lots of pictures of, but none digital. Then it was back to Ruidoso for a late dinner at Phil's Pasta Cafe.

Today it was time to turn off the waterfall and I came home. My computer is still messed up (the CPU is blazing hot), so I can't download and look at my pictures yet.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Trust your intuitition

You've got to learn to trust your intuition,
Forget that blind ambition...

My intution is telling me that my computer is completely screwed up. It has been crashing on a regular basis. I've been going through the motions of troubleshooting and not having much luck, really. Tonight I installed a new power source. Took a little thinking, and I got it installed okay. Booted the computer up just fine...everything looked perfect. Went into Photoshop, which is where I've been having trouble, and bam...the damn thing crashed and rebooted itself.

On the first re-boot, it looked like the standard crash. Forty minutes later, it won't even boot to the windows screen. So, my intutition is telling me that this is beyond my abilities. However, figuring out how to conncect my spare laptop to the internet to check e-mail and pay bills is not beyond my capability. So here I am. I just hate typing on a laptop.

The real indignity is that my computer at work was undergoing heart surgery--getting a new hard drive, because it had some kind of an error on it. So, I really didn't get any work done at work either, and had to type on a laptop.

There is a tornado warning tonight--I love storms, so I'm rather excited. Unfortunately if I get a great picture, I can't download it to my computer. And, in my mind, I had a good day.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Looking back at my hard luck days

Looking back at my hard luck days
I really do have to laugh
Workin in a dive for twenty six dollars
Spendin it all on draft...

The thing is, those hard luck days are some of my funnest memories. I had a chevette that didn't lock, had a big dent in it and sounded like a rocket ship when I put it into gear. I paid three hundred and fifty dollars for that car and drove it for six years.

My roommate had a rotweiller that she paid five hundred dollars for. My chevette was a hell of a lot smarter than that damn dog.

I might be having a mid-life crisis--I feel so damn responsible! Needing an oil change used to be a financial crisis. Now I'm just too lazy to bother--like right now my inspection tag has been expired for like, a year. I figured it out three months ago, and I intend to rectify the situation at any moment! I guess the rebel is still alive and well somewhere!

I couldn't afford a parking sticker in college, so I just parked in the faculty parking lot right in front of the ag building. I did it every day for a year. The last week of school the meter maid caught on and gave me a couple of tickets. It was still less than a parking sticker. Now my rebellions are not getting a new inspection sticker, or wearing scrubs to work when I know business attire is expected. At least the spirit is willing.

I have some flowers getting ready to bloom and I have no idea what they are. Really, it is very exciting, but I am worried that they will bloom this weekend while I am hanging out at the cabin in New Mexico, and I will miss the blooms. I planted a bunch of perennial flowers, and forgot to keep the box so that I might figure out what the flowers are.

My job is largely computer related, and I often spend six or more hours at the computer every day. Today, I signed in to the computer at four-thirty--and I had a five-thirty meeting. My meeting however, was fun. I got to pick a team to work on a project to save lives (seriously, IHI's 100,000 lives project). Anyway, for my team I picked every strong, vocal, contentious personality that had anything to do with cardiac care that I could think of. And, amazingly, my meeting wasn't a bunch of people nicely agreeing with each other. It was real people pointing out problems, arguing, but all trying to reach solutions. Pretty damn cool.

I think that I'm still a hard luck hero, but it requires some concentration to keep that state of mind!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Take Another Road...

Take another road to a hiding place
Disappear without a trace
Take another road in another time

That is the song running through my head today. I'm not looking for a hiding place, or looking to disappear, I just like the idea of taking another road.

I've spent lots of time driving around the states--mostly the western states. Over time I developed a strange habit. No matter what the starting place for a trip was, or where the ending was supposed to be, I felt compelled to always take another road. I keep an atlas, and whenever I drive a stretch of road, I highlight it in the atlas. Once a road has been highlighted, I try not to travel down that same stretch again.

It is not that I have anything against going down the same road, it is more the idea that there are still roads that I haven't been down yet. There are certainly roads that I could travel over and over (and a few that I have been over a lot--like the back road from Phoenix to Tucson during the cactus bloom and the River Road at the Big Bend), but I am entranced by what I might find on a road I haven't been on yet. Like the time I went way off track to make sure that I didn't go on any already traveled roads to Montana. I had a couple of goals; I wanted to go to Mt. Rushmore as an adult, and to go to Ringling (the Jimmy thing kicking in).

It ended up taking about a week to get to western Montana (my end destination), when it should have taken three days. However, I ended up in Sturgis for the motorcycle rally, found Devils Tower in Wyoming, quite by accident, and saw ancient and amazing things along the way.

FYI, if you ever wander into Ringling as a total stranger, the first question that they will ask you at the bar/cafe/post office (all in one building) is, "you must be a Buffett fan." And, yes they have Jimmy on the Jukebox.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Make the whole day one big afternoon

Or, better still make the whole week one big weekend. Wouldn't it be great if we worked two days and were off for five instead of the other way around?
I got up this morning, read the newspaper and then watched "Dazed and Confused." It was an apt title--the entire movie was pretty much dazed and confused. Stoner movies are generally pretty depressing, because most stoners are pretty boring. An exception would be the stoner character in the movie, "The Perfect Score." Now that stoner was interesting. Or the class stoner of all time--Spicoli in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." In life, I remember one stoner/druggie who was interesting--a guy from college, Jeff. He did drugs constantly and was always coming up with truly creative things. The highlight for me of his drug experience was when he revealed that he would dream in animation, and that in the dream he was also animated. That was almost enough to get me on drugs. The problem with drugs is that most people do them looking to be more creative, funnier, more social than they actually are. Unfortunaely most of us aren't that creative, funny or social, so drug induced lowering of inhibitions really doesn't help out much with a flat personality. However for the altered person they can't correctly guage people's reactions to them and they feel like they have somehow been improved--an error on their part.
I've made the prescribed calls to family, took a nap in the pool and am getting ready to work on a boring presentation for work.
Matthew McConaghey (?sp) is fun to watch, boring movie and all. That languid, lazy southern drawl always puts me in a good mood. Plus, he's not hard to look at. He is one of those guys who actually looks better now that he is a little bald.

I read that they found an insurgent bunker in Iraq that was the size of nine football fields. They are not sure if it was Saddam Husseins, or if the insurgents built it. I'm glad that I live in a part of the world where we don't feel the need to do too many things underground.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Maybe twenty four hours, maybe sixty good years, it's really not that long a stay

Okay, okay, I thought I'd set up a blog. The entertaining thing is, I had to try about ten different names to get one that wasn't in use. I'll have to do some research on who has "gypsy cowgirl." I used that because one of my friends used it to describe me once, and it was very appropriate. After spending all that energy to get a name, I lost my train of thought, which isn't all that unusual.

Keeping in mind that I could be spinning around in circles for as few as twenty four hours (or less) or another sixty years (to paraphrase the venerable Jimmy Buffett--yes I tried variations of Parrothead) I spent today playing in the pool. I did a load of laundry, went swimming. Mowed the lawn, took a nap in the pool. Cooked dinner for friends, cooled off in the pool. Since my day was so incredibly productive I didn't have a whole lot of time to solve the mysteries of the universe and I am left with one pressing question.

Does SPF 45 sunscreen cause anyone else's face to burn? I think that it might burn worse than a sunburn. Can something that burns that bad possibly be good for you?

Looks like it was two questions. Actually, I'm sure that I have lots more questions than that, but that is what I am pondering right now.