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I grew up in a town with hippies, rednecks, and a reservation. My daddy was a cowboy and my mother was a Baptist. Thus, my life experiences molded me to be slightly off center at all times...sometimes right, sometimes left.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Last Mango in Paris

I ate the last mango in Paris
Took the last plane out of Saigon

The mangos were gorgeous in the grocery store yesterday, so I bought some. I ate some of them, and today I made a mango pie. It is okay...I think that I like the plain mango's better. Maybe I should have been eating them in Paris.

I did chores today--it really wasn't very exciting. Some friends came over this afternoon and went swimming. Jake and I threw the football back and forth in the water. It was good exercise anyway.

I went over to a friends house and got a new plant that I planted in the back yard. Hopefully it will live.

I have no deep thoughts tonight...

Took the first fast boat to China
And Jimmy there's still so much to be done