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I grew up in a town with hippies, rednecks, and a reservation. My daddy was a cowboy and my mother was a Baptist. Thus, my life experiences molded me to be slightly off center at all times...sometimes right, sometimes left.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just the way that is used to be

But then it's flat-top, dirty bop, copin' a feel'
grubbin on the living room floor;
They send you off to college
to try to gain a little knowledge,
But all you want to do is learn how to score.
Yeah, but now I'm gettin' old, don't wear underwear,
I don't go to church, and I don't cut my hair;
But I can goto movies and see it all there,

I do love Jimmy Buffett songs...even if the whole song doesn't exactly fit, there are always a few lines that resonate and hit the nail on the head.

This pretty much describes the crowd and attitude of my college days--right down to the reference to my friend John who used to hitch up his jeans and announce that he was "al fresco", which he would then explain meant that he wasn't wearing underwear. If that wasn't too much information, he would add that he wasn't wearing socks. Not wearing socks doesn't seem like much of a problem until you consider that he was wearing cowboy boots.

I went and saw "Wedding Crashers" which was pretty much the perfect summer movie...didn't make me think, made me laugh, and wasn't too "junior high."

I think that most American's are resting pretty comfortably this summer...fretting over who will be the next supreme court justice, the heat wave, the incoming hurricaines. I guarante you that if terrorists can bomb buses and subways in London, someone out there is planning an attack in the US. Probably not a bus or subway (after all we all drive cars to maximize our energy usage and keep the price of oil up), but thousands of people show up for football games, basketaball games and county fairs. I personally doubt that they would set off a bomb in West Texas---but that is the assumption that we are all working under.

That's my schitzophrenic post for tonight. And I'm not even going to check that I spelled schitzophrenic right.

But I can goto movies and see it all there,
Just the way that it use to be.