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I grew up in a town with hippies, rednecks, and a reservation. My daddy was a cowboy and my mother was a Baptist. Thus, my life experiences molded me to be slightly off center at all times...sometimes right, sometimes left.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Quick Post

I had company all weekend, so I haven't done anything on the blog. I'm busy making a quilt these days, so I haven't really done anything on the computer.
I took this picture on New Years Day at Cedar Lake, Texas. It is a dry/salt lake on the llano estacado. It is also a major oil field.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Medical Photo Blogging

I'm entering a phase here....

This is an important medical device. Any takers?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What I do

I really do have a cool job, although at times it can be tedious, frustrating, overwhelming and impossible to accomplish.

This is the task that I was assigned to do at work today.

What is is? Heather is not allowed to guess, she knew what I was doing.

Monday, August 22, 2005

LA Freeway

Pack up all your dishes.
Make note of all good wishes.
Say goodbye to the landlord for me.
That son of a bitch has always bored me.
Throw out them LA papers
And that moldy box of vanilla wafers.
Adios to all this concrete.
Gonna get me some dirt road back street

I'm a small town kid. The town I grew up in had a population of just over 1,200 people. I went off to college in central California in a town of about 36,000 people, which was huge for me.
When I became a nurse, I had a real taste for trauma and excitement, so I gravitated to the big city. As a traveling nurse, I continued to go to big cities and big hospitals. I started living in Texas...but still in big cities, when I realized that I wanted to get to work in the morning without driving through traffic. So, after a couple of detours, I moved to the biggest small town in Texas...close to my favorite place on the earth.

If I can just get off of this LA freeway
Without getting killed or caught
I'll be down the road in a cloud of smoke
to some land I ain't bought
(more Guy Clark)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A little Guy Clark...

Well the bus pulled away
In a roaring black cloud
I stood in the road Honey
I hollered right out loud
Hey Darlin' I love ya
Hey bus driver whoa
But you can't stop a woman who is out of control

In my family, we tend to live lives with a low drama quotient. Adventure, danger and excitement we embrace, but drama for the sake of drama is pretty much avoided. We were taught to pretty much manage our emotions, make decisions and move on with out worrying over them. The Latin root for the word decisions has to do with knives and "cutting away," because when you make a decision, you cut away your other choices. Pretty profound, but I'm quoting the math doctor here, so I take no credit. "Let's do something, even if its wrong" was a frequent saying in my childhood. Net result is when emotions get out of control, we just don't get it. As Spock would say, "it's not logical."

Now Ramblin' Jack Elliot said:
I got these lines in my face
tryin' to straighten out the wrinkles in my life...

Once, quite a few years ago we went to Jerry Jeff Walker's birthday party in Austin, and Ramblin Jack Elliot was the featured guest. And ramble he did, for about forty-five minutes straight. My brother, the mountain climber, musician, cowboy, programmer turned math doctor, was with us, and we had a great time staying at the Driskill. This is particular picture was in his cowboy/musician days.Stayin' up all night in the Driskill Hotel
Ramblin' Jack and Mahan was cowboyed all to hell
the room smelled like bulls the words sound like songs
now there's a pair to draw to boys
I would not steer you wrong
Great shot of Rosalie in honor of what would have been her forty-first birthday.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Homegrown Tomatoes

I won't even try to say it better than Guy Clark did...
Homegrown tomatoes, Homegrown tomatoes,
What’d life be without Homegrown Tomatoes,
There’s only two things that money can’t buy:
And that's True love and homegrown tomatoes.
There’s nothin’ in the world that I like better
Than Bacon, lettuce and home grown tomatoes
Up in the morning and out in the garden
Pick you a ripe one, don’t get a hard ‘un.
Plant ‘em in the springtime eat ‘em in the summer,
All winter without ‘em’s a culinary bummer.
I forget all about the sweatin and the diggin
Every time I go out and pick me a big’un.

You can go out and eat’em that’s for sure,
But there’s nothin a home grown tomato won’t cure
You can put em in a salad, put em in a stew
You can make your own, your very own tomato juice
You can eat em with eggs, you can eat em with gravy
You can eat em with beans, pinto or navy
Put em on the side, put em on the middle
Home grown tomatoes on a hot cake griddle

If I could change this life I lead,
You could call me Johnny Tomato Seed
I know what this country needs,
It’s home grown tomatoes in every yard you see
When I die don’t bury me
In a box in a cold dark cemetery
Out in the garden would be much better
Where I could be pushin up those home grown tomatoes.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stories we could Tell

Talkin' to myself again
wonderin' if this traveling is good
Is they're something else a doin
'We'd be doin' if we could

This post is for my cousin Jamie...a couple of characters here that you will recognize. The bad part about becoming a photo blogger is that I am no longer required really to write anything, which is actually okay with me a lot of the time. My photos tonight won't really mean anything to anybody but Jamie, so this one is for you.

We all only hope to look this good when we are 97. Grandma is still a princess--she's got the whole clan waiting on her hand and foot. Still alert, living alone. She broke her arm and had to spend a couple of weeks in rehab this summer right before her 98th birthday. She gets a little confused, but for 98, I would only aspire to do so well. She's not nearly as tall as she was when I was a kid. I think she was 5'10" and I'm 5'11", but she admits with the osteoporosis, "I just stoop a little bit every now and then, it's too hard to stand up straight." interestingly enough us big Scandinavian/German women are far less prone to get osteoporosis, because we have more bone mass...But when you are ninety something, if you don't have it something is weird.

And then, these two reprobates...The other guy is my dad's best friend from high school. His name is Milo, and he's the only person besides my friend Sam that has come to visit me in West Texas. Milo is a lot like me...takes off traveling when the urge strikes and has done it his whole life. About twenty years ago, he called dad because he was thinking about marrying his girlfriend. They had been dating for nine years and Milo was forty something at the time. Dad told him to just wait until he "got the other foot in the grave." Dad acts older than Grandma most of the time. My mother is getting to be a better sport with age, and my dad is getting to be a worse sport. He has worn out his frame and is arthritic. He finally sold his colts, so maybe giving up breaking horses will improve his temperament. I figure at 73, he is only about 33 years late on giving up bucking horses.

And of course, these characters are near and dear to Jamie. Bruce is a hoot, and Carol is just a lovely woman. I think Bruce has finally played enough golf to get bored with it, and is thinking about coming out of retirement. The lighting was wrong for this picture, but it wasn't about photography.
All the stories we could tell
If it all blows up and goes to hell
I wish that we could sit upon the bed in some hotel
And listen to the stories we could tell

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


So long Boss, knock 'em dead, don't worry 'bout a thing. Wish that we could come along, we'd love to hear you sing. The limo's here, your bags are packed, the list is by the phone. Me and Snake will watch your place and treat it like our own

I'm sure this is what Huck and Tom would have said if someone would have asked them to housesit, and I'm sure that with Huck and Tom housesitting, it would have ended up just like the song.

The Tom Sawyer Huck Finn Statue.
Riverboat Tour
The Twain House in Hannibal.

We're gypsies in the palace, there ain't no wrong or right

We're gypsies in the palace, and we're going wild tonight.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Arch

The main goal of going to St. Louis is to take pictures of the Arch. Here are a few shots...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Captain and the Kid

We'd go sailing back on barkentines
and talk of things he did,
tomorrow just a day away for
the Captain and the Kid

Camp DeBoise is where Lewis and Clark wintered in 1804 for 155 days before setting out on their expedition.

The actual camp is now believed to be under the Mississippi. This re-creation is at Lewis and Clark Interpretive site no. 1.

They spent the winter building boats to go up the river. This type of keelboat was the main boat in the expedition.

Many tons of supplies had to be stored on the boat, so every inch of space was used. Each portion of the deck had panels that could be lifted up to reveal supplies below.

These two guys were the park rangers. The older fellow (Captain) knew Lewis and Clark history fronwards and backwards. The kid was just having a great time learning the stories....

The journey took two years, four months and 10 days. It was the moon shot of that time.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Holiday...St. Louis

Take a holiday, you need a holiday
Grab a pack and hit the trail
Take a sail and wind up in some moonlit bay

St. Louis/ Missouri was great. Turns out Missouri was next to Illinois, not Mississippi, like I thought. Some traveler I am! I came back with four gigabytes of pictures. Obviously, I haven't even had a chance to look at all of them, but I will begin posting them. Obviously, there have to be a few arch pictures. To be fair, I have a full gigabyte of arch pictures. I took this one from the Steamboat tour on the Mississippi.

Saturday evening it started raining cats and dogs, so I ducked into the St. Louis Union Station. I got through the doors and saw this rained-out wedding party. I inconspicuously shot this picture, which I really like. The floor was lit up, and it made the picture magic.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

St. Louis

I'm having a blast--spent this afternoon doing the Arch. I watched the Lewis and Clark movie on the big screen. Tomorrow I'm off to Hannibal. I hate the laptop, so this post will be short. I'm using the laptop to get my pictures bured to CD, but it is horribly slow to edit I will just post this one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Off to See the Lizard

I'm heading out to St. Louis for the weekend. Here are a couple of shots from last weekend.

These are at Dorothy Faye's "cabin" in Ruidoso, N.M. She's had the mountain moved to make her yard just perfect. Purple of my favorites.
Rudibeckia...another favorite.

Off to see the lizard
Off to see the lizard
Deja deja deja vu,
believe itAnd it will come true

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tin Cup Chalice

With a tin cup for a chalice
Fill it up with good red wine,
And I'm-a chewin' on a honeysuckle vine.

We had rain in Texas this winter. When spring came, the flowers popped up all over the landscape. Now, in West Texas, it can be a stretch to call it landscape--it is flat, dry and generally there isn't much to look at. This year however, to quote one West Texas Rancher, "We got more wildflowers than the hill country."

I could have straightened the horizon, but this picture was taken down the side of what Texans call a "hill".

Here are a couple of Tahoka Daisy's.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Beach House on the Moon

I saw him through my telescope,
On a cloudless night in June,
As he rested between voyages
At his beach house on the moon

I got all excited today thinking that the space shuttle was going to land at White Sands. I was planning on calling in to work and driving six hours to White Sands, just to see it land. Unfortunately, NASA isn't cooperating and telling where it will land, so I am going to miss the opportunity to see the shuttle land.

Space is just too cool.

This photo is a classic West Texas scene--the valley irrigation system, and the sandhills cranes winging their way back to their winter lodging.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Is it a fever or depression, anger or aggression
What's the remedy?
We're not talking rocket science
The answer to your question's
Very plain to see
You need a holiday, take a holiday

I'm going to St. Louis this weekend, just to take pictures. In the meantime, here is a look at Chicago...

My favorite of the hummingbird pictures.

A place where you can go to really go to get away from it all...The Gage Hotel in Marathon, TX. No cell phone signal, no phone in the room, just peace a quiet.

And finally a scene with the promise of adventure in D'Hanis, TX

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Becoming a Prolific Blogger

Another souvenier of my trip around the sun. This photo was taken at the Chinati foundation in Marfa, TX. It is called, "Monument to the Last Horse," and is a Claes Oldenberg piece.


I've learned to post pictures, so ya'll will just have to put up with me. This sunset was at my friend Barbara's house last week.

This cemetary is a merchant marine cemetary about a thousand miles from an ocean in New Mexico.

A of my favorite subjects...

And finally...White Sands, New Mexico

Happiness Guaranteed...

Stuff that works, stuff that holds up
The kind of stuff you don’t hang on the wall
Stuff that’s real, stuff you feel
The kind of stuff you reach for when you fall

On TV last night I saw a commercial that said, "Happiness Guaranteed." Apparently, if you buy lenscrafters glasses, you will be happy.

Can glasses really make you that happy? I guess my vision isn't that bad.

Anybody know who the song quote is?