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I grew up in a town with hippies, rednecks, and a reservation. My daddy was a cowboy and my mother was a Baptist. Thus, my life experiences molded me to be slightly off center at all times...sometimes right, sometimes left.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Spider John

But here I sit ol' Spider John,
The robber man
Long, tall and handsome
Yes, ol' Spider John with the loaded hand
Taking ransom

The work retreat is over--it's been in the making for two months. We got canceled last month after I had done all the work of getting ready because of the hurricane. So, after the Heart Walk early tomorrow morning I am headed for Ruidoso for four days. It is supposed to be 63/35 there, and I am actually looking forward to that. However, that is the absolute low end of my tolerance for cold weather.

I finished my photobook for the summer last night and uploaded it to blogger. Heather has me playing with a photoblog template, which I want to get up. I'm having trouble getting the pictures the size that I want them. Heather and I are quite scary on the computer. Well, I was scary before I met her--I would mess with things I had no understanding of, but her husband is a programmer (which makes us both experts by association), so we encourage each other to mess with things. Actually Heather is quite good, as evidenced by her new template on her blog. Maybe it is because we have scientific minds and like to experiment with things.

I took this picture on the ranch tour that we went on before I went to Indiana/Illinois. I was so happy to have a photo that went with one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett tunes.

That is all my story
Been these thirty years since I took to the road
Find my precious jewel one

If you see my Lily, won't you give her my regards
Tell her ol' Spider got tangled

In the black web that he spun